09.02.2011 07:57 von Peter Rohrmoser


It´s megalomania meets modesty, creating down toned megalomania. It’s the irritation which causes clarity that evokes further irritation. Here comes the deepness of confuse funk chords, accompanied by a thundering bass cloud. Is it really modesty we are witnessing?
But do the modesty, the megalomania and the heavy synthesizer-bass sounds not irritate? They have a spatial clarity, there to irritate, but not. Should the estranged background voices be a message? No, not primarily. It’s modesty that takes centre stage supported by a straight bass drum and backed by insane jazz lines. This has got to be megalomania. But no, its roots lie in modesty. Although the deep keyboard chords are yet again tell tale signs of megalomania, an obvious sign of modest megalomania. Tuesdays at the Wängl Tängl Run vie night.

listen to his shows online: http://redbullmusicacademyradio.com/shows/1606/

09.02.2011 07:50 von Aesthetiker-Office


Imagine running into The Clonious, that dude equipped with three headphones which directly interact with his musical epicentre. Think about an irresistible moment when a complex organic-mechanical clone process starts. A clone process which manifests in his very own, cartoonish superhero.
A soulsearcher and vinyl aficionado who wouldn’t mind to know how to smash a breakdance in a jam packed club, usually he ticks out without being asked anyhow though. He proved his qualities as DJ and producer during the Red Bull Music Academy 2007 where he jammed with the likes of Theo Parrish, Tony Allen, Ron Trent, Steve Spacek and Waajeed. Furthermore his debut longplayer "Between the Dots" hits the streets which received great attention and reputation all over the world.


listen to his show here: http://redbullmusicacademyradio.com/shows/916/

09.02.2011 07:47 von Aesthetiker-Office


Guess what happens, if Captain Future hooks up with Hexstatic, Madlib and Dj Shadow for a drink? Perry Rodan records in writing for that extra trash factor, and Terry Gilliam adds up some cinematographic finishing? Vienna based producer Dj Buzz managed to turn this rather fictional and fantastic meeting into a brilliant journey in sound and vision. Buzz took original samples from an old US- italo science fiction movie, joining the soundscapes and movieflics to a simply outstanding masterpiece entitled "Cosmic War Of The Planets". On stage, this rumpus features viennese future funk expert Dorian Concept, the musician & producer duo "Twintowas" and Dj Chris Fader. Prepare for take off & some space madness!

09.02.2011 07:46 von Aesthetiker-Office


Roleee Solo, Antrue, Freistil, Neina, & DJ Concept – in short: Da Staummtisch. Looking for ways to front the mainstream perception and cliche of Hip Hop and offering a different face of the sound for the true heads. Grown in and around the rap-matrix of Linz, Da Staumtisch found his very own style that crosses over from conscious to party in a complete effortless way. These guys stand their ground especially in live shows and will set the Yes We Jam Night on fire, Wednesdays at the Wängl.

09.02.2011 07:45 von Aesthetiker-Office


There´s two ways of dealing with cliche; you can either run up against it and keep defending that those judgements are false. Or you can go into offense and hang the cliche around your neck. The Hillbillies of Hinterland operate in both dimensions and are proudly dwelling in their "farmer image".
(--Flip, The Message 31, Review)
Hinterland consists of the two MCs Akinyemi and Sam and DJ Abby Lee Tee, but they will enter the Wängl cypher as "The Hillbilly Souldiers" together with young gun Average of Die Au. Check out the "Voixmusik" video! Wednesday at Wängl Tängl yes we jam night.