09.02.2011 07:30 von Aesthetiker-Office


It´s been 5 years since their first demo release „Ausdruck“, but Average & Url can still be called young guns in the game. Lyrically Average likes to cruise somewhere between Marseille and Linz. After collaborating with the likes of Texta, Urban Sprawl, Hinterland, Def Ill, Benedikt Walter, Kamp and the „ganz schön hässliche Struwwelpeter-EP“ (2009) with Huckey. To the Wängl Die Au comes equipped with their new EP and Average will be your host for Yes We Jam Night, Wednesdays at the Wängl.

09.02.2011 07:25 von Aesthetiker-Office


Mischgeschick mischt geschickt. Probably the world´s smallest DJ team. Stacked on top of each other, SchatCon and Dizzy Dee wouldn´t hit the 3-meter mark. But we don´t that. The best thing to do is to put them next to one another and in front of a wide arrangement of DJ equipement, throw in a few vinyls of various genres, like Elektro, Funk und funky Breaks, Dubstep, HipHop, WorldBeat, Rock and whatever else is good for party. Add a few shots of vodka and voila - ready to serve!