VANS Penken Park pic: Julian Gruber

11.03.2011 17:04 von Aesthetiker-Office

The Wängl Tängl's Snow Team Showdown - 16-Man Knockdown with Losers Round!


We got snow, a super sized Vans Penken Park prickling with options, the gnarliest Red Bull End Section in years, a Läst Chance to qualify at the Shreddown Austian Masters, the skate ramp arriving and a killer music line up ready to rock Mayrhofen in Tirol all week long.
Despite a tough snow season in Europe, Mone Monsberger reported riding powder lines in the office after a mountain check and inspection of the Vans Penken Park contest set up. "Damn, it was so sick!" he said, "Was only hiking out about 20-minutes and i found some really good shit! It was incredible. Riding powder and looking at the set up. It's looking sick" he concluded. Bernd Mandlberger and the Q-park shaping team have put in double overtime into the Vans Penken Park massaging the good to make it one of the sickest we've ever had for the event. "I've never seen that many shapers at one time in the park - ever!" Said Steve Grüber, who was on the mountain testing and fine tuning his design of the Red Bull end section. Technical, rideable, brimming with options - the perfect set up for the Gang Jam format......
Dropping into the first booter, riders have options of an upgraded contest kicker, a cannon box and wall ride options before hitting the main Vans booter, with a motorcross kicker, whoops and rail options before the teams drop into the Red Bull End section which boasts double hips inside, outside or transfer options, a crazy taco with a 3-meter wall rider option and the Red Bull Cannon rail about to be installed.
With the Läst Chance to qualify for the Wängl Tängl happening this weekend at the Shreddown Austrian Masters, the riders are on their way, the course is open on Saturday, the skate, art and music programs kicking off on Tuesday and the snow contest window starting on Wednesday.... It's On when it's On! Simply put.... Bring out your best Barry because the Wängl Tängl 2011 ready to rumble, baby!

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Red Bull Endsection ständing!

The shapers of the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen and Qparks have done an amazing job in adapting the already sick Vans-Penken-Park into the Wängl Tängl arena. Thänx boys!


VANS Penken Park, pic: Beckna

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The Wängl Tängl's Snow Team Showdown - 16-Man Knockdown with Losers Round!

All but unique in today's competitive contest circus is the Wängl Tängl's three man team head to head format. With no individual judging and all three members hurling or grinding their way down the course at any one time, it's easy to understand the event's motto, "It's on when it's on...!" Hard hitting, ball's and all glory up for grabs with a full frontal team attack has seen the Wängl taking a leaf out of the Surfing formats, creating a three day contest window searching for the perfect conditions to get the show on the road. In other words, it's on when the conditions are on! Teams are judged purely on their combined performance and overall fluidity while squeezing all possible combinations thinkable in the upgraded Vans Penken Park, finishing on the now famous Red Bull end section. With all this happening at once, the contests employs a team Head-to-Head, three run, best run counts, knockout format to give the judges the best chance to purview all the riding on hand in a manageable way. To avoid the brutality of a regular Head-to-Head knockout, an adaption from Surfing has been employed again, creating a 'Second ChÄnce' round, meaning a team has to loose twice to be knocked out or win twice to make it to the Quarter Finals. Strategy and tactics employed by the Team Captains including Herby Thaler, Wolle Nyvlet, Tylor Chorlton, Hampus Mosesson, Alex Walch, Nelson Pratt, Chris Kröll, Stefano Munari, Tonton Holland and Levi Luggen may be the vital difference between relegation or Team title aspirations... Little doubt there is everything to play for with all guns blazing at the Wängl Tängl's Snow Team Showdown 2011!

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Salzburg vs. Tirol


In what is becoming close to the Barcelona versus Real Madrid "Classico", the beasts from the not-so-far-East, Team Absolut, return to defend their 2010 Wängl Tängl Title ready and able to do battle with the local Zillertal massive.

Lead ably by Team Captain and last years Most Impressive Rider recipient, Herby Thaler, leads his crew of marauding pirates consisting of Michi Stanschitz and Phillip Gruber. Ready to set sail from their home base of the Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl, ready to invade the quiet peaceful shores of the Tirol ready to do battle in the world famous Vans Penken Park here in Mayrhofen. Last year a combination of power riding and picture perfect team work saw the honors, the women and Title head East, as Team Absolut left local crews in their wake.

With the rape and pillage on their minds, home advantage is already being brought to bare as this year's Park construction has additional rail features already planned into the main line to try and throw them off their game plan. The Beasts from the not-so-far-east meet the Mayrhofen Massive in the return match - guaranteed no holds barred, end-to-end football, not quarter given....

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Contest director snow: DREW STEVENSON

tl_files/Blog_Pictures/drew 1.jpgtl_files/Blog_Pictures/drew 2.jpg
Growing up on a farm in Western Australia, Drew Stevenson entered the world snowboard scene taking the reigns of the  Editorial Department of Onboard Magazine from it’s launch in 1994. Indoctrinated Ästhetiker at a snowboard party sometime in the mid-ninty's, he left Onboard in 2000 to start Methodmag Video Magazine, that evolved into a DVD/Mag/Web package in 2003. At the same time, in 2002 he was one of the founding members of the TTR World Snowboard Tour, overseeing the development of the Tour in the position of  CEO until 2008. Since then he has founded the Breathe Foundation which has concentrated on creating Ecological and Social Awareness Festivals in Costa Rica and Brazil. Recently returned from abroad,  he took on his single snow based job of the Wangl Tangl snow program Contest Director in 2010, and is totally stoked to join the team again taking on the same position to see the Wangl Tangl 2011 become the best edition in it's nine year history.  "There is no event that I have experienced, and no event that I enjoy as much in being part of, that represents the true essence of our scene as much as the Wangl. Skate, Music, Art, Snowboarding, and team contest  formats combine into an incredible week that showcases board culture in it's true, raw and epic form. It doesn't get much better than this... It's on when it's on -