Andi Egger

Riding since: 1989 – means like alot of years on the deck, Surfing since 1995

Profession: During my professional Snowboarding times I did the web admin.  and I started as the product Developer for Ästhetiker clothing, passed it on and now I run a small hotel in my beloved hometown that pays for all my small things and wishes for today.

Why are you Ästhetiker:  Basicaly you dont get to choose, you either born as one or your lifestyle made you one.

Inspiration: My much loved friends

Best Story to tell: I guess out of all the crazy trips and things we did in this decade of traveling the world would be the great times in japan. I spent more then half a year there, and one trip stands out the most. Together with my good mate Friedl at the age of 17 we had our first big sucesses in the world cup there, scored amazing powder, hung out with great girls in tokio and made good friends with very good people. The Things that stand out the most is the amazing culture, as well as Japans great history. The powder is just redicolous. The only problem is the lack of great mauntains but if you work out where to go you are fucking stoked. Tenjindeira for example is an amazing terrain for Snowboarding on the main island honshu and i would say even up till today it is still one of the best snowboarding times I ever had.