Andreas" Mone"Monsberger

Riding since: 1995 and still loving it!!!

Profession: My preffesion is snowboarding, i love it next to that i am getting into producing and telling Ä vision throug that!!!

Why are you Ästhetiker: It have been 8 years ago when the guys told me that now i am part of the Crew. I was super stoked that moment becouse all this guys have been my heros when i was 14 years old. This was the time when i meet all the Guys, Steve, Tex, Bernd, Friedl and so on...... proud to be one of them!!! 

Inspiration: My inspiration for snowboarding came throug skateboarding. In my heart i am a skateboarder!!!! 

Message: Stay true and be You!!!!!!

Best Story to tell: The thing which makes me really happy at the moment is that i am extually starting a new karrier. We started the Tell Ä Vision project 4 years. A project to tell Ä Vision about Snowboarding, Skateboarding and Surfing. We are motivated to improve more and more and a guess that will be the key to travel the world with all my boards,  see different Spots, meet alot of cool people!! I was traveling the past 8 years allways for snowboarding and i have seen a lot and i am still on that mission aswell. But with our new project we will olso travel for Skateboarding and Surfing. That makes me really happy at the moment that the future is looking realy good. Stoked!!