Bernd Mandlberger

Riding since: 1986

Profession:  I building furnitures for a long time, now i am building Snow parks
Why are you Ästhetiker: I am not shure maybe because I can drink a lot of obstler.

Inspiration: First Boarders @ planneralm, my skiing was really bad and this looks easyer

Message: respect gets respect (not on Powder days)

Best Story to tell: 22 years on Board.
sprained ankles, good & bad Adrenalin Flashes, cold fingers & toes,  about 200-times but on the snowchains, First Lines, Hiken at 60cm fresh pow, Wängl Tängl, shoveling, Manner Schnitten, searching beanie and goggle after scorpion,  1000 times calling ``drop in´´, broken ripps, broken Boards, Partys , rideing comps with a big Hangover, Cliff drops , Pipefahren, Tree runs, Planneralm, no Rails, Friends, travelling, never be happy with your own footage, avalanches, SPC, driving Ski Doo, sun- sunburn, Girls, first and last at the lift, driving a snow cat, see his own coverage in magazines, snow in the face, new Tricks, Sponsors, waxing the board, searching wallet phone keys in the snow, Klaus Marko, snowflakes, mountain goats,  Q Parks, probe the landing, speed check, overshooting the landing, crash on the table, to know after leaving the take off that it hurts soon, stomp a hard trick,
stomp it but nobody got it on cam, Toast @ Scotty,  being the last @ Schlüsselam, Tequila without vegetables, icy Wind, blue bird, crash in the Powder after  BS1, Kicker snaken, Lift snaken, Backflips, Method Air, Terje, Ähstetiker, Flo, Simon, Armin, Kurt…