Chris Kröll

Riding since:1996

Profession: Student, Boardrider

Why are you Ästhetiker: I think i always have been one in my Heart

Inspiration: My Family and Friends inspire me a lot. All the creativity of  the Boardsports do their thing to inspire me too and for sure Nature itself.

Message: Take your time for your dreams, before time takes your dreams.

Best Story to tell: 15 Month ago i had a pretty deep experience in my life.. i got hurt so bad that i was on the edge of rethinking everithing in my life.. it was maybe the hardest time i had till now because i did not know if or when or how i would be able to do the things i love in life again. But i have to say there was a few people who helped me through that time and gave me a good horizon to focus on.. From there on i could get energy again and i had a new will that made me stronger then ever.. I think from that moment on i opened a new chapter in my book of life.. it showed me that the will and the love could make everything happen.. it made me stronger and i learned that if your down on the ground there will be always a way back up again. THX