Drew Stevenson 

Riding since:1990/91

Profession: good question, all round good guy? journalist? personality? organizer? dont but good at it!!!

Why are you Ästhetiker: because i am. not make it sound all to spiritual, you are Ästhetiker not so much because of what are you doing, more what , why and how you do it! approach your liufe and treat people around you. it is more a way of being than some sort of club. it is an uderstaning of your place in this worl how get tha most out of this life with people who feel the same way.

Message: its not where yu are, its who you whit!

Best Story to tell: impossible to come up with a best story, in fact if anyone took the time to put it all on paper it would be an amazing novel. i thinkthe best story in one of support, friendships, travel and experiences all over the world for the past 15 years. the one thing i have found, is good people bring good people. there hasn´t been a single occasion where either traveling as a posse, crashing at friends houses, couches or floors, attending one of the Ä-tours events, or simply visiting the valley to shred or catch up with the crew.... that i´ve not come out of it with a smile on my face, a new expiriance enjoyed, a new memory to add to the rest or new friends met. as the old proverb goes, it´s not where you are, but who you whit is important!!!