Georg Dinstl

Riding since:1992

Profession: party breaker, artist, guy to hang out with, cheers!!

Why are you Ästhetiker: NO IDEA, ask them.. i guess they like me and we’re pulling on the same string!!

Inspiration: everyday life, surrounding, music, drinking...

Best Story to tell: Selling the worst smelling and worn out pair of vans to a guy on pills at a show in the UK.
Nice and friendly as you can be on „uppers“(pills) that guy sneaked up to me at the merch desk and asked me politely for one of my fucked up smelly shoes. ( actually i told a friend the other day that i definitely need a new pair of shoes, but i can not afford them at the moment.. being in a punk rock band doesn’t mean to be well equiped when it comes to clothes!!!)
So back to the topic:
That guy wasn’t asking for tourshirts or any vinyl; he was asking for his nightmare!
Well i was a bit confused and double checked on his crazy order. My ears were right. He wanted one out of my pair of shoes. I started a joke by telling him that he couln’d afford these historical companions.. but he was focused on them and asked for the price as if a dog would see a fucking big snack! I delivered a summ that i thought noone would ever pay for that pile of shit!  „ 70 pounds and you’ll get my shoes“ i said.. to my surprise he pulled out a big roll of money and said that’ll be alright, but he just needs one of the pair. Pissed as i was i handed out one of my shoes and returned 70 pounds into my pocked... i thought what a freak, what is he going to do with one of my shoes.. seconds later he came back to the merch desk and again, politely as you are on whatever he took, he was asking for a marker.. i passed on the marker and told him to make sure to return it after using it. About 5 minutes later he appologized for keeping the marker that long and left it on the table next to me before walking off into the growd again..
Well i guess that’s me.. standing on duty behind the merchdesk with one shoe and smelly socks.. but i thought that’s not a big deal ‚cause i was sure that some of my friends would have a second pair with them that i can borrow till i get myself a brandnew pair of sneakers..

So after the show i walked to the backstage area to ask my friends for some footwear i can wear till the next day.. as i heard loud laughing and screaming out of the artists room.. i entered and saw my friend holding my shoe, telling the others what just happened to him.. “a guy on pills let everyone sign this shoe and past it on to me as a present, what a freak!“ he said..well i cleared the story and asked „who wants to join me for pint at the bar?“

Excited as the last night was, my head turned me back into my pillow after waking up with a massive hang over  and left me with enough change in my pocket to buy me a coffe and a pack of cigarettes..