Gogo Gossner

Riding since: 1989

Profession: snowparkdesigner; Eventorganiser, Shredder, Daddy;President of the Shredheadz

Why are you Ästhetiker: I like the Philosophy. The crew is true

Inspiration: Nature, freinds, family

Message: Take it easy, respekt yourself , your friends, all humans and animals. Be good and think

Best Story to tell: Back in the days i spent every day on the mountain. I love nature.  Snowboarding came naturally to me…Craig Kelly was my hero. Radical an free. I was addicted. I was doing shitty jobs just to get my board out to the mountain as often as i could. Then i started travelling on my own, i did contests and and first video projets. I was pretty good back then. And then i suddenly turned Pro. A dream came true. Now,  a couple years later, i am an adult, a retarted old dog. But i still love to hang out with my crew. I just came back from Bali. I met Wolle and Steve there. We had a couple surfsessions together. Damn that was good. Like in the good old days. These guys fucking rip. Every terrain. Snow, Surf, skate…everything. I wish i had just alittle bit of their talent when it comes to boardsports. Still, i am pretty proud to have them as friends too. So it´s with the rest of the crew. Been travelling with Beckna a lot . Beckna is a funny guy and a damn good shredder. Still , sometimes complaining a bit too much. Friedl is a Duracell rabbit, He doesn´t give shit. He skates like a pro, but he also freaks out sometimes like there´s no tomorrow. Mone , Ck, and all the rest of the gang…can´t mention all, their´re all great people – my friends. The Aesthetiker, that´s our company, and this is pretty cool i guess... No Bullshit in it, but also no money…haha. Our Events are pretty big these days as well. I remember when we had our first gig in my hometown in Westenorf, the call of the wild. That was in 1998. - 10 years ago amigo. We are all kind of dreamers , daytravellers, living our dreams , hoping to make i tone day with our projects. I´m sure we will…damn i must be drunk punk. My message ist that you should have the guts to do what you love to do and create your live around that. Making money is not the highest priority in life. Having frinds and fun , having a family and somebody you love is the most important you can achieve. Go and do it good !