Hasi Haselwanter

Riding since:  1990

Profession: Team Manager Burton Snowboards

Why are you Ästhetiker:  back in the day when the ästhetikers came to kaunertal we always hang out and we met each other every weekend there..than we moved all to mayrhofen for our shred seessions and one night steve and tex came up with the idea of making me to one of the crew members. Of course I was stoked and I made all the games I had to do to become a member. Years go by but i´m still stoked to be a member and whenever I have the chance that we hang out I enjoy it a lot and always good and fun times.

Inspiration: everyday I get inspired by all kind of riders and things in the world.

Message: keep shredding and enjoy every turn you do..have fun on the mountain and respect mother nature