2010-12-07 13:20 von Tom Beckna Eberharter

World Snowboarding Day Dez 19th

Hey everybody,

mark Sunday December 19th in your schedule. It´s this years world snowboarding day.

Grab your stick and head up your hill of choice together with your friends to celebrate

what we all love to do. Remember that we are blessed having such an awesome possibility to

be out there in the nature and forget about daily routines. High five all your friends and throw in an 

occasional eöhhh.

see ya on the mountain.

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2010-12-01 22:47 von Rudi Kroell

Winterliches Zillertal

It snowed the whole day and Mayrhofen is presenting itself in white as the rest of Europe does.

Looks like winter have finally arrived and since the skiresorts open on Saturday lets hope that we get even more pow till then.

Attached you find a picture of Mayrhofen i took yesterday at dawn.

Let it snow


2010-12-01 16:43 von Permanent Unit

Winter is here... in graz too!

we have some 30cm fresh here in graz, watch one of the shots from last years railsession here in graz!

2010-11-26 19:41 von Tom Beckna Eberharter

Winter 2010/2011 is on!!

Ladies and Gents,

Mayrhofen Resorts officially starts into the season tomrrow and so do plenty other resorts in Europe.

Reports of heavy snowfall in the south keep coming in and everybody starts to get a bit nervous, checking different websites and weather reports.

Check out this shot of Hintertux a couple of weeks ago, when a much beloved "Genua Low Pressure" system hit us hard. 

The current storm is also moving in from the south, and I am looking forward to get a first view out of the window tomorrow morning.

Anyway you´ll find me tomorrow at 08.30 sharp at the Horbergbahn ready to get my shred on!

Keep the white gold coming! 

Peace out