Jocki Köffler

Riding since: 1993

Profession: Snowboarder

Why are you Ästhetiker: the ästhetikers are the people who really brought me  into Snowboarding. Thats were it all started from.Its my foundation.

Inspiration: Jah Rastafari, Pirates, Ästhetiker,Friends, Music, Books, Spagetti

Best Story to tell: The first time i got in contact with some of the ästhetiker was back in 1994 when i was snowboarding on Hochkar a mountain near Vienna. I had just started snowboarding and i saw a bunch of guys hitting that huuge jump (maybe 3 Meters airtime) and i wanted to do the same. From that day on i was fully motivated to shred as much as possible.
And that was 14 years ago. Time flys by. But the cool thing is that since then we have been connected and spend some really good times toghether and I am stoked what has become out of a small group of guys doing what they love. Big up to all a di ästhetiker crew.