Peter Sandner

Riding since: since 1992

Profession: What`s the english term for „Landesbediensteter“? No, I work for the tirolean government in its youth section.

Why are you Ästhetiker:  Maybe because I fell on Bernd Egger`s nerves for a very long time and then finally I became part of the crew, which I`m really proud of.

Inspiration: All the people, who live their lives with passion, style and pride, no matter how old/young they are and what other people might think.

Best Story to tell: Difficult question. But one day will always come to my mind when I think about snowboarding and the Ästhetiker. Westendorf, AM Qualifikation Day, March 2011. The contest was already over, but Steve, Friedl and Klausi were still charging, cause it was a beautiful day and the park was in a perfekt shape. Run after run the airs became bigger and bigger and I was lucky to shred with them. No matter how I was riding, the most impressing thing for me was, how much passion, power, smoothness and fun these guys have. This will always guide me through my way in the mountains. Useless to say afterwards we had a few beers and awesome stories to tell.