Mike Mandl

Riding since: 1986 (more than 20 years now and still not able doing a nice backside air... )

Profession : Editor of 69 Magazine and Climax Magazine, professional Shiatsu therapist, bookwriter, storyteller, MC and, and, and ...

Why are you Ästhetiker: To be honest, I don’t know. My party skillz are far away from being legendary, my snowboarding sucks and my surfing is even worse. BUT: This never stopped me of doing, enjoing and living it. And I still arrange everything arround riding, although I’m old enough to be the father of every kid reading these lines in the internet ...
Inspiration: Definitly my two little kids Malia and Phoenix. It’s so much fun being with kids, cause they don’t give a shit, if they’re cool, responsible, serious, hip hop or not. And then all the people who trust in their ideas and visions and try to life them. That makes them alive and that’s what it is all about. The Ä-crew is definitly ä part of that. 

Message:  Find your own message!

Best Story to tell: Don’t follow the ideas of politics, religion, parents, friends, snowboard magazines or snowboard crews. It’s always easy to follow something, but in the end, you follow the idea of another person. An idea, that may have worked good for that person. But that doesn’t mean, that it works for you. Okay, maybe it works for you. Fine. Maybe it helps you through a period of your life. Fine. But try to find your own solutions. Try to find your own ideas. Don’t copy and paste your life. Forget trends, styles, must haves and don’t do’s. Forget even the idea of not following anyone! From here on, life becomes really interessting!