Muck Müller

Riding since: 1987

Profession: associate of munchie Konsilium - an independent advertising and media company

Why are you Ästhetiker: because I used to travel a lot with the founders and the aight Crew back in the days. - Once Ästhetiker - forever Ästhetiker

Inspiration: Nearly everything inspires me. Wherever I travel or go. - Even just usual everyday actions can be a source of inspiraton. But of course strongest impact are my two kids (Olivia and Roxana) as well as being out in the nature - of course.

Message: Go throught the world with your eyes open. Do not be afraid to help those who need your help! Be happy with what you have and who you are, but always work on your next step. - Stay Sideways!

Best Story to tell: Hmm - what do you mean by this q.? There are many stories going through my mind. - Ideas and concepts for our clients, projects that help snowboarding and making holidays in the mountains in general getting more popular.
And of course also social topics, environmental problems family issues and a lor more going through my mind. Too much to go into detail here - and also too diffuclut too explain in english what I want to say and have to say...