Poidl Gruber

Riding since: da aighties

Profession: no, thanks.

Why are you Ästhetiker:  because Tex said so. then i had to down a beer and hug everybody.

Inspiration: my family and friends, music, art, seeing other ästhetikers ride boards and choose to live this life.


Best Story to tell: that weekend in kitzsteinhorn when i met most of the guys for the fist time. i went there with muck, black and edi and hooked up with drew, tex, steve, andy-y, friedl, gimpi who had his birthday. the shredding was sick, longweed on fire and a jump over a catmachine. the pre-warm-up hotel room party featured a very flashy colourful sunset and friedl turning parttime chinese in the face, with red slits for eyes and a very yellow taint...at night it was up to the baumbar with muck tackeling the local "bike gang" on the way and escaping with a sprint. after entering the baumbar my memories slowly begin to fade. which is good because: what happens in the baumbar stays in the baumbar!
what i took home from the weekend besides a massive hangover and legburns was the feeling of: you are not alone!