Rene Magreiter 

Riding since: I started snowboarding at a time when ski companies didn´t try to control our business – those were the so called: “good old days……”

Profession: I read the book of life twice and I would call my self: happy to be alive and I´m still learning about life…in the normal world I would be engineer for metal technologies but I never worked as an engineer and I still run my living out of snowboarding – somehow

Why are you Ästhetiker: ask the guys who made me to a “ästhetiker”

Inspiration: it depends for what: for snowboarding and surfing I find my inspiration in mother nature and in travelling and seeing different landscapes and different cultures.for skateboarding and designig my new model I need urban art forms.for playing football I need a ball and my friends from the iron lungs football general I need my family and friends around me to keep my motor running – that’s the bigest inspiration for me…

Message:don’t take your self too serious, not even 1000 km away the kids have other problems than “how do I get a snowboard pro” they don’t know what snowboarding is – they need something to eat

Best Story to tell: “don’t believe the hype” don’t follow every trend that the industrie tries to sell you as cool.create your own style and your own way of living.snowboarding is still -after 12 years beeing a snowboarder- besides to the love for my family, the biggest love I have ever felt.this sport gave me so much and right now it is time for me to give back a little.i am working with gogo and mr.albert in the boarders playground westendorf and I love to watch the kids getting better every day on jumps and rails that we have builted for them.i love to see kids laugh and to see kids having a great time in the nature or in the park.those kids are our future and I hope some of those kids can live their dreams like I lived my dreams…
stay healthy,respect the mountains and in general our nature and be true to yourself,peace