Rudi Kroell

Riding since: 1996

Profession: Snowboarder and Student

Why are you Ästhetiker: There is no why. You are or you are not!

Inspiration: A lot of inspiration comes from very good friends, which I go ride with. The Ästhetiker’s, my Bro and a lot of other very good shredders.

Message: Keep snowboarding real and have fun with your buddies out in the natureA little story (200 words) tell what’s going through your mind

Best Story to tell: Snowboarding has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Not only the tricks went more and more crazy but also the business itself. A few years ago people said that snowboarding is stagnating. But it’s just half true. Selling in Snowboard industry is stagnating but the Snowboard community is rising every year. I have never seen so much very young (14-18) snowboarders then lately. Kids are still motivated to go snowboarding and have fun with there friends. And that’s all about what the Ästhetiker want to bring into this world.
So I’m really stoked to be still on top and ride with all the young stars at the same level. I could prove that it is not a problem to shred hard and rock also in higher age.
I had a really good season 07/08 and becoming 32nd and best Austrian in the TTR-World tour is not a bad thing.
I’m looking forward for the upcoming season 08/09 and hope that it’s going to be an amazing one!