Sani Alibabic

Riding since:  ‘91

Profession:  Snowboarder

Why are you Ästhetiker:  Cause it’s the coolest crew of course!

Inspiration:  I get inspired by all kinds of stuff, good ideas and creativity in what ever way get me motivated.

Message: Peace, Love and Happiness!

Best Story to tell:  I’ve been Ästhetiker for quite a while now. Over the last years the crew got bigger and way more proffessional. Before we were just a bunch of super motivated shredders sharing our passion with friends and people who were enjoying snowboarding as much as we did. We all had our own idea about how we wanted to push the sport  and how we wanted snowboarding to be like. Over the years we went into different directions and some of the ideas got “implemented”. Now there is a Ästhetiker TV production, a Clothing and Snowboard line and they developed probably the best contest format there is. Throughout all that change and progression which happend the original idea maintained: It’s all about snowboarding and having fun with friends! These guys did so much to push snowboarding where it is now in austria. I’m really proud of being a little part of it.