Thomas Steinwender

Riding since: 96

Profession: Shift Worker Infineon

Why are you Ästhetiker: I love to stand on my skateboard. It’s the best thing in the world. It brings people together and no matter where you are, you have friends all over the world. The special thing on skateboarding is that it is more an art form than a hobby or a sport. Skateboarding brings so many things together: Music, Art, Lifestyle, filming, editing and the whole way of living your life!!! I will ride my board till I have no more legs. I love it and I don’t cant get enough of it.

Inspiration:My inspiration are my homies, friends and of course myself. It’s the best thing to go out and have a good session with your friends and everybody is pushing each other.

Best story to tell: I m really proud to be a part of the Ästhetiker Crew. Because everybody is so cool and everyone loves riding a board. But the best thing is that the hole crew are really, really good friends. So this is something really special at this crew/company!!!! I don’t wanna say much more, just jump on your board and shred the city’s and the mountains!!!!