2010-12-31 12:00 von Tom Beckna Eberharter

2011 kicking in

From behalf of our crew I´d like to wish everybody who drops by our site a happy new year and a funny slide into 2011. As it seems that time is running faster and faster in these modern days it´s good sometimes to step aside, take a deep breath and realise that the right time is definetly right NOW as the future is way ahead and the past is gone anyways. CARPE DIEM  -- the more you life the less you die !!



2010-12-27 11:56 von Chris Kroell

Winter scenery

it is amazing how snowy mountains can look like in the sunset ... i took this picture after riding today .. i know the iphone does not give the best quality but i still think it is quite ok .. talk soon CK

2010-12-19 11:55 von Aesthetiker-Office

Ästhetiker Show Älive on Servus.tv

After you "burned down" the christmas tree in the living room and have visited your whole family, you'll have well deserved a little break in front of your TV set. Get your self ready to watch the first episode of a TV show called Älive feat. the Ästhetiker crew. During the show you are able to get a better view of how it would look like when the "old dogs" try to hand over some skills and experience to next generation of talented riders. Check out the trailer below and switch on your TV 25.12 - 17.35 (Servus.tv) we count on you.

2010-12-17 11:52 von Aesthetiker-Office

Tell Ä Vision New Show: Chaos

Hi Folks,

this ganna be our last Tell Ä Vision show for a little while. So this means if you like this shit keep watching it, so that our number of views will rise. A high number of views will convince us to stick our heads together to create something new in our Tell Ä Vision department again. So enjoy the new Äpisode called choas. Push the button again and again to watch this show. eeööhhh

2010-12-15 19:19 von Friedl Kolar

South Side Blog

This year winter started first in the south of austria. While others were still waiting for the first snowfall we were already hitting cliffs and crusing deep powpow. Now ( 15.Dec ) the snowsituation doesn´t look to soft. Some warm weather days coused the snow to get wet and with the cold front we are in right now with more than minus 15 °C on the mountains the snow has turned into pure ice. Let´s pray for some more snow soon.

Friedl Kolar´s new Down Town snowboard park.

A good half meter of snow infront of my house was a good reason to start this project. It took me about 4 hours to build the two jumps but it was worth the effort. The first two sessions we landed into fresh down town powder, after that we prepared the landings and now we have a big 12 meter and a medium 4 meter park jump ready to go. Thänx Gunni for the pictures.