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Event Report - Rock&Roll the Mtown Bowl presented by G-Shock

"Photo Gallery by Rudi Kröll"

"Photo Gallery by Beckna"

"Event Movie by Andreas "Mone" Monsberger"


Following weeks of hot, bluebird conditions, the weather forecast leading up to the first edition of the Rock&Roll the M-Town bowl look bleak to say the least. Organizers were constantly on every weather site they knew of looking for the slightest encouragement with little on offer as the Friday arrival day saw a meter snow dump and rain heavy enough to cause a small mud slide closing the road to the Hintertux glacier. Weather for Saturday's contest day was looking slightly better, no sun forecast but the outside possibility that it would not be raining as hard for periods of the day. Plan B's and Plan C's were already being put in place as the now infamous Team Jäger (Oli Gordon and Michi Nadler), the Kufstein, Brixlegg and Carinthia crews started to arrive in the early evening. In the course of a couple of hours a make shift skate park was set up in the event home base, the Gasthof Zillertal, as a fall back position if Saturday's weather remained nasty, only for it to see the planned Official Unofficial Warm Up party at the location turn out to be a hot an heavy skate session to kick off the weekend.


Saturday morning brought little to encourage to organizers, with heavy rain continuing in still conditions that almost guaranteed the heavy clouds hanging ominously low in the valley were going no-where. Despite this, the Ästhetiker crew started set up on the outside chance conditions improved. Armed with squeegees, brooms and a couple of gas flame blowers, and optimism, the gods of the valley smiled on the event with rain drying up, and sun all but poking through - leaving the M-Town Bowl ready to Rock&Roll at precisely the advertised starting time of 13:00. The skate session started gradually with Ästhetiker President, Steve Gruber and Team Jäger's Oli Gordon set the early pace as skaters and spectators slowly arrived over the afternoon as it became clear the weather would hold and the session was on.


By mid-afternoon, the session had gained pace with a sizable crowd enjoying the skating, drinks and BBQ in cool but stable weather. The kids workshop turned into more of a give-away as products from the event partners including Vans, Arnette, Volcom, K2, Almost, Four Star and the Greenroom with event speaker, Markus Diensthuber created a mini(shredder) riot in the bottom of the bowl as kids clambered over each other in what must have seemed Christmas in September. Once the kids had cleared the bowl, the Old School session started with a Santa Cruz Longboard up for grabs that was pulled in by several flowing runs and a handstand by a pretty stoked local, Georg Huber.


The climax of the day was the CÄsh for your TÄsh session worth 500 Euro was Introduced by a Acro Show by Bene Dornauer and with Peter Sandner cranking up th Rock&Roll on the decks, opened the flood gates with all skaters left standing going for the cash. Powering all day, Oli Gordon and Steve Gruber were joined in the  CÄsh for your TÄsh session by Michi Nadler, Patrick Fankhauser, Alex Walch, Marcel & Alex Geisler and Fabio Rieser to name a few. With the cash running out and the session coming to an end by the stroke of 19:00, the first edition of the Rock&Roll the M-Town Bowl presented by G-Shock came to a close in perfect timing for all those who attended to get home, shower and get fired up for the AUFGEAZ! Afterparty at the Brückenstadl that saw over 800 fans turn up for a raging night with DJ FU, Funkanomics and headlined by the incredible Benji Boko!


Overall results from the first edition of the Rock&Roll the M-Town Bowl presented by G-Shock were: 


Best Trick:                                 Matthias Trobos

Most Impressive Skater:              David Magreiter

Best Rookies:                             Fabian Kröll / Marcel Geisler      


The Ästhetiker would like to thank all of our partners who supported the event including  Vans, G-Shock, Red Bull, Arnette, The Greenroom and the Gasthof Zillertal and all of our partners who supplied goodies including G-Shock watches, GoPro's, product from Vans, Arnette, Volcom, K2, Almost, Four Star, Santa Cruz decks, Jan Glas from the Gasthof Zillertal, all of our volunteers leading up to and for their support over the weekend, the AUFGEAZ! crew for a banging Afterparty and for all those who turned up over the weekend. 


We hope to see you in Mtown again for Rock&Roll the M-Town Bowl 2013!  

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Rock&Roll the Mtown Bowl - 1.September 2012

With the Indian Summer months fast approaching, die Ästhetiker and Aufgeaz are putting on a big weekend of skate & party madness in Mayrhofen with the main events planned for 1st of September, 2012.

Presented by G-Shock and supported by Vans, Red Bull, Arnette, Greenroom and the Gasthof Zillertal, ROCK & ROLL the M-TOWN BOWL will kick off on Saturday, 1st of September with Kids Workshop's, Old Skool Skate Session and a CÄsh for your TÄsh Contest for 500 Euro and special prizes.

Directly following, the now notorious AUFGEAZ Crew will be putting on the afterparty in the Brückenstadl featuring DJ Fu, Funkanomics w/special guest and headlining with BENJI BOKO Live! Those who get here early, festivities start with the official Unofficial Warm Up Party in the Gasthof Zillertal... If you think you've got what it takes to Rock & Roll... Be here!



Rock&Roll the Mtown Bowl Flyer

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Vans Wängl Tängl presented by G-Shock is done!

The weeklong Vans Wängl Tängl Presented By G-Shock Contest-ival in Mayrhofen, Austria showcased the highest level of snowboarding the event has ever seen, epic weather conditions, innovative skateboarding, nightly parties, live music and life-long memories for all who attended the 10th Anniversary of this rider driven event.

Snowboarders Eric Willett, Iouri Podladtchikov and Arthur Longo made the trek from the Winter X Games in Tignes to join the laid back vibe of the unique team-format Vans Wängl Tängl snow event and took a break from their rigorous schedules to ride the perfect conditions of the Vans Penken Park.

Peetu Piiroinen’s team topped the podium with a first place finish for the “Triple Cocks.”

Skaters mingled with musicians and snowboarders to check out the Pop-Up gallery hosted by Looking Sideways, which featured works from snowboarders and skateboarders Danny Wainwright, Blaise Rosenthal, Corey Smith, and French, Danny Larsen and others.

The highest level of skating went down on the Mega-Mini-Ramp with Jake Collins dominating a “Cash for Tricks” Best Trick contest. Day two of the skate event featured a knock-out style team format that awarded innovation and combo tricks. Nassim Guammaz and Daan Van Der Linden amazed the crowd with creative skating and split the prize money with the other stand out teams in the top 4 finals, which included Josh “Manhead” Young & Andy Scott, Martino Cattaneo & Kevin Blaser, and Micky Iglesias & Phil Zwijsen.

M.O.P and Roots Manuva brought their legitimate hip hop legacy to the streets of Mayrhofen and performed a free show for nearly 2000 fans in the Music Pavillion.

After a decade of staying true to the Ästhetiker and Off The Wall spirit, this event continues to be one of a kind, an event that creates memories and defies the boundaries of the typical contest. It’s rider-driven, for the riders, skaters, artists and musicians. It’s an event that no one wants to miss.

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Vans Wängl Tängl 2012 Crew Final Snow Edit

The snow finals at the Vans Wängl Tängl Presented by G-Shock in Mayrhofen, Austria took riding with a crew to the next level as seasoned veterans edged out hungry up and comers to take home cash and glory. The Finns of team “Triple Cock” chose innovative lines and stomped their landings for first place at the 10th anniversary of this legendary snow event.

Out of the gate Janne Korpi, Peetu Piiroinen & Ville Uotila rapidly fired tricks with gunfire style 720’s over the first kicker. The crowd went crazy when Peetu popped a huge backside 1080 over the second kicker while Ville transferred backside 360 over Janne’s backflip 180. Down at the Red Bull End Section it got even wilder with Peetu’s switch front board to switch crippler in the pipe, Ville’s backside 180 transfer over the wallride and Janne brought it home with an Ally Oop Backside Rodeo.

Meanwhile, the sun was shining, the Vans Waffle Iron was hot and spectators lapped the park all day while watching the action from the chairlift.

The 2nd place team YMCA admittedly had the best team uniform and huge style. Local Austrian’s Mathias Weissenbacher, Clemens Schattschneider & Adrian Krainer kept riding the Vans Penken Park long after the contest was over – but during the event it was moves like a Switch Double Back Flip 180 by Clemens and back to back 1080’s from Mathias that won over the crowd. Mathias’ moves earned him the award for Most Impressive Rider of the Day.

“The Collective” Max Buri, Boris Bühler & Tor Lundström walked away with the 3rd place prize and Eric Willett, Arthur Longo, & Kalle Olsen from Team Off The Wall enjoyed the laid back contest vibe while jumping and spinning their way into 4th.

The Best Line of The Day went to Ville Uotila for his creative use of the course. His innovative approach to transfers, stomped frontside 360 bonk on the Fiat Up Box and a massive backside 180 over the wall ride were a pleasure to watch. Best Jib went to 4th place “Off The Wall” team members Arthur Longo and Kalle Ohlson for their miller flip high five.

1st The Triple Cock’s – (7200 Euro Prize) -- Janne Korpi, Peetu Piiroinen & Ville Uotila
2nd YMCA -- (3900 Euro Prize) -- Mathias Weissenbacher, Clemens Schattschneider & Adrian Krainer
3rd The Collective – (1800 Euro Prize) -- Max Buri, Boris Bühler & Tor Lundström
4th Team Off The Wall – (900 Euro Prize) -- Arthur Longo, Eric Willett & Kalle Ohlson

Most impressive: Mathias Weissenbacher
Best Line: Ville Uotila
Best Jib: Arthur Longo and Kalle Olsen Miller Flip Hi-Five

Follow the latest news here:

wängl facebook
twitter.com/VANS_Europe #WanglTangl

Sponsors: Vans, Red Bull, G-Shock, Fiat, Mayrhofner Bergbahnen

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Skate Finals

The 10th Anniversary of the Vans Wängl Tängl in Mayrhofen, Austria showcased two days of some of the finest transition skateboarding known to man.
The unique format spanned two days with a “Cash for Tricks” style Best Trick Contest, where skaters were handed cash every time they landed something impressive, followed by a two man team style session where skaters hit the ramp in pairs.

In the end, the final 4 teams split the prize money evenly, with each skater taking home 800 Euro. The Hobnobs: Manhead & Andy Scott, Team ZWIMI: Micky Iglesias and Phil Zwijsen, The Bats: Martino Cattaneo and Kevin Blaser, The Dutchies: Nassim Guammez & Daan.

Video and more pictures are coming soon.