2010-12-15 19:00 von Aesthetiker-Office

good times feat. Go Pro

the Ä nation is covered white all over and we have the chance to draw our first lines. Steve did so first a usual and brought this little sequence back to the office to make us jealous.

2010-12-13 11:13 von Tom Beckna Eberharter

Back to the basics

It´s amazing how good it feels to chill on the couch after the first couple of intensiv days of the season.The first serious pow weekend is behind us and it was good to see all the weekend warriors shredding it up and having a good time again hitting treeruns and little pillowfields down to the valley.  Just riding until the legs or in my case the back could not take it anymore. No bullshit - pure snowboarding. That´s what I love about snowboarding in the early season. No liftlines, all the true headz back together and smiles for miles!

2010-12-10 16:00 von Chris Kroell

Medium Line At the Penken Park

Hey Boys & Girls Two days ago we where shredding the medium line in the Penken Park the first time i attached a picture so you can see it see you there CK

2010-12-10 13:04 von Aesthetiker-Office

TEll Ä Vision New Show: SPRING TIME

2010-12-09 09:59 von Aesthetiker-Office

FLIP feat. Ästhetiker product of the week

Lookin Dope!

For all of you who been checking out the brandnew Ästhetiker Felt Jacket and have been wondering what they might look like wearing it; here´s some video-proof from the postcode 4020, that you would bee lookin dope, just like Flip in the "Problem Remix" video: