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After the Down day on Monday and a 30cm fresh coat of snow it was time for the training day. Blue bird, no wind and all riders motivated to shred, training is on.

Then after a fun day of riding everyone headed out to the Europahaus for the Vans Looking Sideways Vernissage where artist like Danny Wainwright, French and many more showed their work.

To conclude the night the Bast Stein Groove Project played @ the Europahaus and dazzled everyone with their Jazz orientated repertoire.

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3th Price Question To Win an Eristoff V.I.P. Package for the Aftershow Party Friday 23th March

To Win an Eristoff V.I.P. Package (for 2 persons) you just have to answer the following question via an e-mail with the subject: Eristoff Price Question To: sam@aesthetiker.com

Question: What’s the main ingredient of Eristoff Red? What gives the Vodka the red color?

What can you win?
The v.i.p. packages contain:

  • entrance to the party
  • Eristoff welcome package
  • Goody welcome bag
  • Free drink coupons

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The first round of the main Snow event is done and here are the results:

Team Battles in the Direct advanced round:
1- The Collective vs. Since 1966
2- Triple Cock vs.The Italian Connection
3- Team Absolut vs. Off The Wall
4- YMCA vs. The Djudes

Then the Team Battles in the 2nd chance round:
1- The Djudes vs. Team F.A.T.
2- Starpissnes vs. Team X-Double
3- Good, Bad and Ugly vs. Natural Born Chillaz
4- Team Homies vs. Cunning Stunts

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Snow Program Wednesday 21st March

After the training yesterday, it's time for the main Event of the Snow element of this years Vans Wängl Tängl Presented by G-Shock. Here is the Program for today.

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Wängl Tängl Day Three: Rest Day

Because of the  weather  the Snow program got pushed back by one day. 30 cm of fresh wet snow and no visibility at all were the conditions up on the mountain. So the riders could take the day off to rest and prepare for the Training session which is on all day today.

Team F.A.T & Since 1966 Foto: Christian Boehm
SPN-Crew & Triple Cock Foto: Christian Boehm

At night during the Riders Meeting, the teams drew for the head to head battle, the teams that will battle each other in Heat 1 are: Team 99 vs. The CollectiveSince 1966 vs. Team F.A.T.,Triple Cock vs. SPN-CrewThe Italian Connection vs. Team X-Double. Then for Heat 2: Team Absolut vs. Good, Bad and UglyOff The Wall vs. Natural Born ChillazTeam Homies vs. YMCAThe Djudes vs. Cunning Stunts.

Party Overview Shot Foto: Christian Boehm

After the Riders Meeting/Draw Everyone headed out to the Scotland Yard Pub where the DuzzDownSan Label Night went off.