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Vans Wängl Tängl 2012 Crew Final Snow Edit

The snow finals at the Vans Wängl Tängl Presented by G-Shock in Mayrhofen, Austria took riding with a crew to the next level as seasoned veterans edged out hungry up and comers to take home cash and glory. The Finns of team “Triple Cock” chose innovative lines and stomped their landings for first place at the 10th anniversary of this legendary snow event.

Out of the gate Janne Korpi, Peetu Piiroinen & Ville Uotila rapidly fired tricks with gunfire style 720’s over the first kicker. The crowd went crazy when Peetu popped a huge backside 1080 over the second kicker while Ville transferred backside 360 over Janne’s backflip 180. Down at the Red Bull End Section it got even wilder with Peetu’s switch front board to switch crippler in the pipe, Ville’s backside 180 transfer over the wallride and Janne brought it home with an Ally Oop Backside Rodeo.

Meanwhile, the sun was shining, the Vans Waffle Iron was hot and spectators lapped the park all day while watching the action from the chairlift.

The 2nd place team YMCA admittedly had the best team uniform and huge style. Local Austrian’s Mathias Weissenbacher, Clemens Schattschneider & Adrian Krainer kept riding the Vans Penken Park long after the contest was over – but during the event it was moves like a Switch Double Back Flip 180 by Clemens and back to back 1080’s from Mathias that won over the crowd. Mathias’ moves earned him the award for Most Impressive Rider of the Day.

“The Collective” Max Buri, Boris Bühler & Tor Lundström walked away with the 3rd place prize and Eric Willett, Arthur Longo, & Kalle Olsen from Team Off The Wall enjoyed the laid back contest vibe while jumping and spinning their way into 4th.

The Best Line of The Day went to Ville Uotila for his creative use of the course. His innovative approach to transfers, stomped frontside 360 bonk on the Fiat Up Box and a massive backside 180 over the wall ride were a pleasure to watch. Best Jib went to 4th place “Off The Wall” team members Arthur Longo and Kalle Ohlson for their miller flip high five.

1st The Triple Cock’s – (7200 Euro Prize) -- Janne Korpi, Peetu Piiroinen & Ville Uotila
2nd YMCA -- (3900 Euro Prize) -- Mathias Weissenbacher, Clemens Schattschneider & Adrian Krainer
3rd The Collective – (1800 Euro Prize) -- Max Buri, Boris Bühler & Tor Lundström
4th Team Off The Wall – (900 Euro Prize) -- Arthur Longo, Eric Willett & Kalle Ohlson

Most impressive: Mathias Weissenbacher
Best Line: Ville Uotila
Best Jib: Arthur Longo and Kalle Olsen Miller Flip Hi-Five

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Sponsors: Vans, Red Bull, G-Shock, Fiat, Mayrhofner Bergbahnen

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Skate Finals

The 10th Anniversary of the Vans Wängl Tängl in Mayrhofen, Austria showcased two days of some of the finest transition skateboarding known to man.
The unique format spanned two days with a “Cash for Tricks” style Best Trick Contest, where skaters were handed cash every time they landed something impressive, followed by a two man team style session where skaters hit the ramp in pairs.

In the end, the final 4 teams split the prize money evenly, with each skater taking home 800 Euro. The Hobnobs: Manhead & Andy Scott, Team ZWIMI: Micky Iglesias and Phil Zwijsen, The Bats: Martino Cattaneo and Kevin Blaser, The Dutchies: Nassim Guammez & Daan.

Video and more pictures are coming soon.

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After the Qualification on wednesday and the Best Trick Session yesterday it’s, time for the Skate Finals….

Program for today is Training starts 2 pm, and the Finals are from 5 till 7 pm.
right after that the Free Hip Hop Open Air Concert goes off right acros the street @ the Music Pavallion.

Check out some Action Shots From Yesterday


Foto: Alex Post

Foto: Alex Post

Foto: Alex Post

Foto: Alex Post

Foto: Alex Post

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Aftershow Party Tonight @ the Eristoff Arena Mayr

when the free Open Air Hip Hop concert at the music pavaillion is done, there will be a Aftershow Party in the Eristoff Arena ft. Snowgoons & DJ X-Rated

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Wängl Tängl Day Five: Start Main Event

After they have had a whole day of training on Tuesday the teams were ready for the head to head battles of the Main Event. Bluebird day, the park in mint condition. The Main Event is on!

Park Shot Foto: Mike Wechselberger

After the first and second heat the following teams made it through to the Direct Advance Round: The Collective who took on Since 1966, Triple Cock Battled against The Italian Connection, team Absolut had to take on Off The Wall and last but not least YMCA Battled it out with The Djudes.

Foto: Mike Wechselberger

The losers of the first & Second Heat were not yet eliminated from the contest, they could still fight for a place in the Quarter Finals via the 2nd & Last Chance Round. The following battles took place in 2nd Chance Round: Winners of last year’s Wängl team 99 went Head to Head against Team F.A.T, The SPN-Crew battled against team X-Double, The Good The Bad & The Ugly took on The Natural Born Chillaz and finally The Homies went up against The Cunning stunts.

Rider Wolle Nyvelt Foto: Mike Wechselberger

From the Direct Advanced and the Last Chance Round the following teams made it through to the Quarter Finals: The Collective were the first who made it and must take it on against team F.A.T, then Triple Cock meets team Absolut, Off The Wall Battles against The Italian Connection and the last Quarter Final Battle will be between YMCA and The Cunning stunts.

Red Bull End Section Foto: Mike Wechselberger