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Snow Program Wednesday 21st March

After the training yesterday, it's time for the main Event of the Snow element of this years Vans Wängl Tängl Presented by G-Shock. Here is the Program for today.

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Wängl Tängl Day Three: Rest Day

Because of the  weather  the Snow program got pushed back by one day. 30 cm of fresh wet snow and no visibility at all were the conditions up on the mountain. So the riders could take the day off to rest and prepare for the Training session which is on all day today.

Team F.A.T & Since 1966 Foto: Christian Boehm
SPN-Crew & Triple Cock Foto: Christian Boehm

At night during the Riders Meeting, the teams drew for the head to head battle, the teams that will battle each other in Heat 1 are: Team 99 vs. The CollectiveSince 1966 vs. Team F.A.T.,Triple Cock vs. SPN-CrewThe Italian Connection vs. Team X-Double. Then for Heat 2: Team Absolut vs. Good, Bad and UglyOff The Wall vs. Natural Born ChillazTeam Homies vs. YMCAThe Djudes vs. Cunning Stunts.

Party Overview Shot Foto: Christian Boehm

After the Riders Meeting/Draw Everyone headed out to the Scotland Yard Pub where the DuzzDownSan Label Night went off.



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Wängl Tängl Day Two: Qualifying

Park Overview Shot Foto: Christian Boehm

 The day started out with good weather, although the wind picked up and blew some clouds trough the valley the qualifying went down as planned. Winners of the day were Innsbrooklyn Locals  “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”  Peter Sandner, Florian Trattner & Stephan Wimmer who took their 3 tickets to Tängl and cashed them in for the overall best team performance of the day. Their cleanest run included backside 720’s, clean and stylish frontside 360’s and overall coordination in the way they rode through the course.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Foto: Christian Boehm

Coming in second are clever linguists and best team name this year the “Cunning Stunts” Paul Dreher, Patrick Held & Philipp Frötscher, followed by the SPN – Crew who made it to 3rd place. The final team to join the invited Pro’s in the Tängl Team Contest will be Switzerland’s Natural Born Chillaz.

Cunning Stunts Foto: Christian Boehm
Starpissnes Foto: Christian Boehm
Natural Born Chillaz  Foto: Christian Boehm

Although they ended up on the 8th place in the quali the team manager’s team (You are Fired!) consisting of Sani Alibabic, Gary Greenshields & Jon Weaver proved, despite their age and profession, that they are still more than capable of riding at this level. Getting more than just Instagram likes, with a frontside 720 from Gary over the big kicker and Sani showing his pipe skills in the Red Bull End Section, with a Crippler, they were the Standouts of the day.

Rider: Beckna Foto: Christian Boehm

Ranging in age from 10-16, “The Boarder Boys” Tobi Grünwald, Daniel Kopp & Max Grünwald were the youngest team of the day.  They didn’t qualify, but they still turned heads with their style.

Rider: Unknown Foto: Beckna

After a hard day of riding the riders celebrated at the Red Bull Brandwagon Street Concert with Wax Wreckaz and Disco Dogs Live.

Streetparty Overview Shot Wax Wreckaz Foto: Christian Boehm
Streetparty Discodogs Foto: Christian Boehm
Rider: Yannick Sleeckx Trick: fs7stale Foto: Beckna
Judges Foto: Christian Boehm

 Vans, Red Bull, G-Shock, Fiat, Mayrhofner Bergbahnen

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The early bird catches the worm...

Without farther ado, here are the Youngsters from the Pilotto team

they came together to participate at the Vans Wängl Tängl 2012.

The team consists of Daniel Kopp and Santino Exenberger. Both come from Tirol and represent the Pilotto Skateboard shop.

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Benjamin Buchwald: Austria / 04.02.1986 / sponsors: Moreboards
Philipp Gebeshuber (a.k.a Phüz): Austria / 01.10.1991 / Moreboards, Jart Skateboards(Flow-Team),  Jugend und Kulturverein Elektroschrott


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