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DJ Chrisfader and DJ Testa

Testa and Chrisfader met each other whilst attending the same school in beautiful Imst, in Tirol, Austria in 2002. They started Djing independently and have shared their love for Hip-Hop and Turntabalism since the very beginning. As of yet they released two Mixtapes together and participated in numerous ITF Battles... .. ITF-Results Testa:.. .. 2003: 2nd Place Advancedment Class ITF Austria.. 2004: Austrian CHAMPION Advancedment Class.. 2004: Austrian CHAMPION Team Category together with Chrisfader.. 2005: 2nd Place Advancedment Class ITF Austria.. 2005: Austrian CHAMPION Beat Juggling Category.. 2006: 3rd Place Advancedment Class ITF Austria.. .. ITF-Results Chrisfader:.. .. 2004: 2nd Place Advancedment Class ITF Austria.. 2004: Austrian CHAMPION Team Category together with Testa.. 2005: Austrian CHAMPION Advancedment Class.. 2006: Austrian CHAMPION Advancedment Class.. 2006: 4th Place ITF European Finals.. .. They are both part of the Austrian HipHop formation LA Splisz alongside their friends Staffolo and Dirty Sanchez (two emcees from their posse). For more information about LA Splisz check out ..www.myspace.com/lasplisz... Another side project of LA Splisz involving live musicians from their hometown is called Viva la Muerte..www.myspace.com/vivalamuerte14.... .. Chrisfader released his solo debut “Scratchmusic” on Goalgetter Records in 2006. The EP contains 7 “all scratched” Tracks + the LA Splisz Track “Flötenspieler” (“The Flute Player”). In 2007 he hooked up with Dj Crum from Unison and released a mix CD called “The C&C Music Factory”. Additionally he is a part of the funk project “60 minits of funk” which consits of Chrisfader, Bionic Kid (Waxolutionists), Team Twin Towas (Waxolutionists live musicians) and Stoney the flute!.. .. Testa, Chrisfader and the LA Splisz crew where playing support shows for underground legends like J-Zone and Louis Logic as well as for local groups Total Chaos and Wisdom & Slime. In 2005 they even played a show at the world infamous Hip-Hop Kemp Festival in Czech Republic... .. Every month the Ghostbusters show their mixing skills in numerous locations all over Austria and Germany. Musically they get involved in a wide range of music including funk and other genres, but generally Testa and Chrisfader try to stick to their Roots – Hip-Hop Music! So a ghostbusters party is all about being open minded and supporting good music, espacially underground Hip-Hop!.. .. In 2007 Testa and Chrisfader decided to leave their small hometown in Tirol. Ever since they have lived together in Vienna, Djing, playing shows with LA Splisz and Viva la Muerte and working on their first Instrumental Vinyl which should be released in 2009!.. 

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Whiteout Golfing Bunker's Up! Tour 2013 - "BIG BÄSH at the WINTER MÄSH" Longest Drive Challenge presented by the Alpine Palace

The Alpine Palace presents



Longest Drive Golf Challenge

In combination with Whiteout Publishing, who proudly create in their stable of magazines, Whiteout Snowboarding, Whiteout Skating, Twin Freeski and Whiteout Golfing and presented by the Alpine Palace 5-Star plus hotel, the Music, Art and Snowboard Happening meets Golf for the very first time! In a full golf simulator at the Alpine Palace, Riders, Media and Special Guests will get the chance to demonstrate their ability to whack-plastic with real clubs, real balls - on a cyber course. Called affectionately the "BIG BÄSH AT THE WINTER MÄSH"

The record on the Alpine Palace Golf simulator has been set at 310m, and already certain Ästhetiker Winter MÄSH staff have clocked up a 276m drive, setting the 'to beat' marker for the "Professional Athletes", Artists and Media who will descend on the event in Saalbach Hinterglemm over the 13 - 15th of February. With a weekend of wellness at the Alpine Palace as the main prize, complementary entry into the 10 Stop Whiteout Golfing Bunker's UP! Tour 2013 events in Switzerland this summer, Golfing product - and most importantly - the kudos factor and bragging rights to the biggest drive in snowboarding, there's a lot at stake. 

For those more sensible, there will also be a 'Closest to the Pin' contest, and for those for whom whacking-plastic exceeds the  basic motor-function and coordination skills needed simply to get it together... there is always the 'Best Dressed Award' that will be handed out for those who see the challenge in a fashion rather than physical sense.  

The '"BIG BÄSH AT THE WINTER MÄSH" is the start of a packed afternoon working towards the Art Space Finissage at the  Glemmart Workshop, Hinterglemm, directly in front of the Alpine Palace, where the Ästhetiker Winter MÄSH Trophies will  be Unveiled, before moving up to the Nightpark for the finals of the Team Snowboard Contest, concluding in the 20-Years TEXTA free after contest concert. 

Inscriptions on site at the Riders Office in the Schwarzacher Function center. For more information, contact: drew(at)rollinggoat.com. 


Longest Drive

Closest to the Pin

Best Dressed Award

-14:00 - 15:00     Training - Alpine Palace, Hinterglemm
-15:00 - 16:00     Challenge - Longest Drive and Nearest to the Pin
-16:00 - 17:00     Art Space Finissage - Glemmart Workshop, Hinterglemm
-17:00 - 17:30     Ästhetiker Winter MÄSH Trophies Unveiling
-20:00 - 21:30     Snowboard Finals - Nightpark Hinterglemm
-21:30 - 22:30     TEXTA Free Open Air Concert

Riders Office - Schwarzacher, Hinterglemm


Whiteout Golfing

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In what so far as we can work out is a first at a snowboard contest, the Alpine Palace presents the Whiteout Golfing Bunker's Up! Tour "Big BÄSH at the Winter MÄSH" Longest Drive Golf Challenge...