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Time tables for the nightliner from Hinterglemm

For the Wednesday night use the following time-table: Nightliner flutlicht

for the Thursday and Friday night use following time-table: Nightliner Winter MÄSH


Nightliner flutlicht


Nightliner Winter MÄSH

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Team Profile - KBR - Janne Lipsanen and Sami Luhtanen

What is a snowboard contest without your spattering of Finnish riders? We don't know. What we did know is that when Team Triple Cocks, consisting of Ville Uotila, Peetu Piironen and Janne Korpi, couldn't make a cause to schedule conflict, we told them to get us someone and get us someone good. They we're pissing about. Bring on the BOOM - here is Team KBR!

Team KBR - Janne Lipsanen and Sami Luhtanen

In former days, when this intrepid journalist worked for the magazine, we internally had a quick fire way to work out just how good this hot, new Finnish Wünderkund would be - the more difficult it was to spell his name, the better they were likely to be. Truthfully, it didn't really have a 100% success rate, but you would be surprised!

So, it should be no surprise when Ville Uotila told us, "Yeah, you know, these guys will probably win it..." - a true master of the understatement. Growing up on the icy slopes in Finland, added to being dedicated skaters in the summer, both Janne and Sami were born with kickers and rails in their blood. Their style reflect both sports - the power and rotation of snowboarding paired with the finger tip clenching finness of skating.And both in equal measure.

As riding partners, and with the hopes of a whole nation on their shoulders (we're prone to a little overstatement at times ourselves) they would be odds on favorites to take out the first edition of the Winter MÄSH... What, if anything,  would be their achilles heal we hear you ask? Probably the parties!


Janne Lipsanen - Mini Profile


24 Years Old



Riding For:




Biggest Snowboarding Successes:

I’m able to do what I want to do most.


Rip Curl, K2

Favorite Activities:

If not snowboarding, it’s chilling or skateboarding



Sami Luhtanen - Mini Bio

Info Pending

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Team Profile - Team Fiat Freestyle - Stefano Munari and Thomas Feurstein

Bringing together one of the best snowboarders that Italy has produced since the Kratter brothers and paring him with one of the most promising up and coming Austrian rippers, Team Fiat Freestyle are about to put chains, stick it in overdrive,  on and start ripping up the Winter MÄSH Nightpark course here in Hinterglemm 

Team Fiat Freestyle - Stefano Munari and Thomas Feurstein

Both stable mates in the Fiat Freestyle Team (hence the name), Stefano Munari and Thomas Feurstein individually have talent and skills to burn on almost anything, and do it with bags of style. What we don't know at the time of writing this profile is how much time they have had the chance to ride with each other. This will make Wednesday's full day training session all important to the pair of them as they will potentially have to navigate the course while getting to know each others riding.

That being as it may, with the Nightpark open until 9:30 each night, there is a combined riding time of 39 hours over the three full days (and nights) of the Winter MÄSH event - well more than enough for the boys to take their individual skills and hone them into a lethal Team vehicle...!


Stefano Munari - Min Bio


26 Years Old



Riding For:

15 Years



Biggest Snowboarding Successes:

Highest Air O’Neill Evolution HP 2008


O’Neill, Nitro, Fiat, Level Gloves, Smith, Nixon

Favorite Activities:

Nature, Food, Party


Thomas Feurstein - Mini Bio


21 Years Old



Riding For:

9 Years



Biggest Snowboarding Successes:

First Bs-Air  


Nitro, Abarth, Volcom, Electric, Level, Sajas, Deeluxe, Love  

Favorite Activities:

Nature, Family, Art

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Qualification Teams Announced - Inscription Still Open

With two days to go before the start of the inaugural Winter MÄSH, fifteen of the available twenty five teams have already signed up, all vying for the four open main event places. With two days to go, Inscriptions are still open for Men's, Women's or Mixed Teams... 



With the new contest line finished at the Hinterglemm Nightpark in front of the Schwarzacher Restaurant, final preparations for the inaugural Ästhetiker Winter MÄSH presented by G-Shock is all but ready to kick off. Not a first in terms of format, though unusual, the Two Man (or person) Team concept is open to twenty five qualification spots where teams are vying for four open places in the 16 Team, Head-to-Head Knockout main event.

The Nightpark course offers a four feature line, which breaks down as follows:

The Fiat 'Triple Down' Combo Feature:

The Fiat 'Triple Down' Combo Feature, is not describing a triple down rail, rather the three options the two riders have as they drop out of the gate. On the left, it starts of with a 9m down rail from the Ollie Deck with alternative options being the flat down rail, at 3 meter to 9 m, or an option of the donkeyrail on the far right donkeyrail with 6m down to 1 m straight out. 

The Vans Double Booter

Air time is the name of the game, as riders take speed heading towards the Vans Double Booter where tech team riding meets major air time. With two teeth creating a 15 meter and 17meter option, riders will take speed choosing either a rapid fire approach or to double it up, one rider per booter... The Vans Double Booter gives riders the biggest air time point earning potential.

The G-Shock Block

The G-Shock Block is where the course starts to sort the men out from the boys providing multiple options and multiple lines. The most obvious line is the main booter creating a 14 meter table for those aiming at air time, but for those a little more tech orientated there is a 6 meter Cannon rail or step up booter over the what we affectionately call the 'G-Cock'!

The Red Bull End Section

A constant and evolving feature at Ästhetiker events over the past decade, the Red Bull End Section this year is the most tech and tricky that we have ever devised. For the first time rail orientated, it will not only finish the run but will likely determine the final results of the event. Starting out with a 3 meter high and 6 meter long hip transfer to Wallride, options abound with a 'C'-rail to the riders right, 6 meter slider to the left, pushing riders towards the spine transfer rail combo - and those teams who have kept a lid on it - ending in the Red Bull can bonk. The Red Bull End Section creates the opportunity for minimum 3 to 5 tricks right in front of the crowd and will surely be the make or break of any decent run!

The Fifteen confirmed Qualification Teams are:


Team Name                      Riders Names  

Team Intim                       Max Pölzl(AUT) and Seppi Ramsbacher(AUT)

INS 1                                 Thor Remmer(NDL) and Jelle Willems(NDL)

Mösl Mash                         Dani Mösl(AUT) and Benni Mösl(AUT)

 Shred's Cool                      Tobi Grünwald(GER) and Friedl Kolar(AUT)

JoraluluMeatArmy            Dominik Metzler(AUT) and Lukas Ellensohn(AUT)

Ur Leiwand                       Simon Reitsam(AUT) and Phillip Kundratitz(AUT)

Chaos Klaus Team            Roli Tschoder(AUT) and Bernhard Kraxner(AUT)

The Army                          Georgi Mihaylov(BUL) and Phillip Toplitsch(AUT)

Action Cats                       Johanna Sternat(AUT) and Xenia Riegler-Klack(AUT)

No Name                           Alessandro Boyesn(GER) and Markus Maithis(SUI)

Double Trouble                 Marvin Salminer(AUT) and Roli Scharner(AUT)

Retarded                           Julian Maschi(AUT) and David Pils(AUT)

weDontKnow                    Stephan Wimmer(AUT) and Marcus Bernhard(AUT) 

Butch Casidy and the       Peter Sandner(AUT) and Wolle Beer(AUT)

Sundance Kid


For any Teams who are still interested to Inscribe, there are 10 additional Qualification places available. You can find out everything you need to do for Inscriptions: